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FREE Healthcare Training

WWETB are now taking names for their QQI Healthcare Level 5 course taking place in Enniscorthy. As this is state sponsored and FREE to applicants, places are limited and we would urge you to apply or forward this on to your contacts ASAP. The course takes place in April 2019. The aim of this programme is to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to work under supervision in a variety of healthcare settings to enhance their role in service provision to service users or to progress to further and or higher education and training No formal education or qualifications are required although...

AI could be used to ‘discriminate against job hopefuls’

Companies could use Facebook pictures to discriminate against employees with genetic diseases using AI, scientists fear, after showing that algorithms can spot rare conditions. Developers at US biotech company FDNA have developed a programme which outperforms humans at diagnosing genetic syndromes by looking at slight variations in face shape. The face analysis programme, known as DeepGestalt, could in future assist the diagnosis of rare disorders such as Fragile X which brings a long narrow face and prominent ears, or angelman syndrome, which is characterised by a prominent chin, deep set eyes and wide mouth. Source: Read more here:

Texting / Messaging and Driving

Drivers are 4 times more likely to crash while on the phone Many young drivers admit to the largely illegal activity of texting while driving. Text messaging has a detrimental effect on safety-critical driving tasks such as lane-keeping, hazard detection, headways and the detection and appropriate response to traffic signs Studies indicate that texting and driving is a greater distraction and safety threat than dialing a cell phone, driving while drunk, smoking cannabis or talking on a cell phone. (See EU document below) If you’re driving 50kph and look down to text for five seconds, you’ve already driven the half...

Special diet expenses for Coeliacs and Diabetics

  You can claim relief for certain food products if you have specific dietary requirements due to a medical condition. This relief applies to you if you are: a coeliac and you must purchase gluten-free foods diabetic and you must purchase diabetic products. You can claim relief on the cost of gluten free foods manufactured specifically for coeliacs. You can claim relief on the cost of diabetic products if your doctor recommends that you include these in your diet. If you have special dietary needs you must provide a letter from your doctor stating this. You must keep receipts for...

Flat-rate expense allowances

  Flat rate expenses relief is for employees. It is a tax back for expenses certain employees are paying, for example for buying and laundering their own uniforms (like nurses, shop assistant, hotel and hospital staff, pilot, steward, physiotherapist, pharmacist, optician etc.) or buying tools (like carpenter, plumber, motor mechanic etc.) Included are: Shop Assistants, Hotel Porters, Waiters and Waitresses. Self-employed people can reduce their gross income with anything they are considering to be a business expense for example telephone, work clothes, tools, PC, home office, travel etc. That’s the advantage to be self-employed. Employees don’t have this “freedom” and that’s...

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